La Partage Roulette is a French version of Roulette. It’s become increasingly popular so we thought we would let you know all about it and some of the top sites that you can enjoy it on! Have a look below:

What is La Partage Roulette?

La Partage Roulette also known as a form of French Roulette – is different from the traditional style American Roulette. On a lot of French tables “La Partage” is automatically offered, and there are several rules involved. If the ball falls on “0” – any even money bets that are placed will be split into 2 – and you will get back half your bet.

If an inside bet is made (such as a number or column bet) – the La Partage rule won’t be applied. When the ball falls on “0” you will lose the bet.

There is also the “En Prison” rule which you will also find on some French Roulette players. This means if the ball falls on “0” – it will be imprisoned. This means that the wheel will spin again and if your bet is a winning one – your stake will be returned but with no additional winnings. None of these rules apply on American Roulette tables – which means that the odds of winning are much better.

What Makes it Different from American Roulette?

The biggest difference between La Partage and American Roulette is the house edge. Without this rule, the house edge for American Roulette is a 5.26% as opposed to 1.35% which is a huge difference in terms of your likelihood of winning. This means that you have a greater chance of winning a bet than you would normally.

There is also only one “0” on French Roulette tables, whereas on American Roulette there is a “00” to bet on. As well as this there are small differences in the sequence of numbers – so you may find the layout will look ever so slightly different.

Can I Play High Stakes on La Partage Roulette?

There is definitely high stakes French Roulette games as well as in American Roulette. All games will have minimum and maximum stakes that you can choose from. Obviously the more you bet the bigger your win could be, which is what some high rollers could be looking for.

You will not always find low stakes roulette; but definitely see high stake or high limits options on La Partage Roulette games, particularly if you are loyal to a site and become a VIP.

Our Conclusion

Now you know exactly where you can play this variation of Roulette and how the La Partage rule makes the game different from others – what are you waiting for? Give that Roulette wheel a spin.