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Roulette systems can divide opinion, but what is known is that players would not continue to use them if they hold no appeal. In the case of the Martingale system, users are actually adopting a roulette system that was first used by French players way back in the 18th century.

Martingale Defined

Before getting into the intricacies of this gambling system, it is important to understand that there is no guarantee of success. You might have successful streaks, but this is done to the random outcomes of the roulette wheel. Quite often, players like roulette strategies because they provide a structure to retain control over their betting.

Martingale is easy to understand if you want to adopt an online roulette system ahead of your next session. All you need to do is set a stake and keep betting at the same value until you lose. At this stage, you need to double your next stake. If it’s a win then you return to normal, but if it’s a loss then you continue to double-up until you do win.

Martingale in Action

As you will see in the following example, Martingale is a system that depends on escalating your stake until a massive win can mathematically cover the entire value of your loss, plus a little extra.

Example: You load up your preferred mobile casino and modestly stake £5 on an even-money bet of red. Martingale is based on simplicity, so it only makes sense to clearly double your stakes with even-money bets like red/black or odd/even. You can also use this as a craps system if you enjoy playing that game as well.

In this example, you have gone on a streak of three wins – so far so good. However, the streak ends and you need to double your stake from £5 to £10. Unfortunately, you lose the next three bets, which results in the following increases: £10 x 2 = £20; £20 x 2 = £40; £40 x 2 = £80.

Overall, your losses stand at £75 (£5 + £10 + £20 + £40). At this stage, you have an £80 stake on the table that could offset the £75 worth of losses. To make this work, you need a deep enough bankroll to cover what could be a very large stake.

What Happens When You Lose?

To use the Martingale system effectively, you have to double your bet after every loss and continue until you win again. Considering this approach, you might lose your entire stake before managing to get the win that can cover all of your losses.

The Verdict on Martingale

Fundamentally, Martingale is a structured approach to chasing losses, but it can all fall apart if players attempt to make wild adjustments as the losses climb higher. You can only make this work if you keep a clear head and are not immediately reactive to losses.

Martingale does offer a set approach to claw back losses, but this guide also touches upon its limit: Your bankroll. If you chase the losses too far then you might not have enough funds to make it all back. Martingale can be effective, but you need to stay in control when using it.