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Roulette has always been a frontrunner in the list of popular casino games. With several different varieties being developed over the years, the game has progressed to suit the players it caters too. Did you know that in addition to regional variations, you can also play games dedicated to different budgetary requirements? Now we are seeing more and lower stake roulette games gracing the web. Not everyone wants to be a high roller. This is where low stakes roulette games come in. Are you a fan of the European roulette variety but don’t want the games to break the bank? Then let us give you all the info you need to enter the world of low stakes European roulette.

Where to play?

Looking for a site that offers low-stake varieties of European roulette? Then the sites below will give you access to these games and even allow you to deposit via PayPal.

Wink Slots

Deposit £10 at this new slots site and you’ll get a 100% match on your first deposit. Expect another 50% on your next 5 deposits too. Use this extra credit to play a number of casino games including many roulette varieties.


Claim a no deposit bonus of £88 as a new member. This site is bursting with casino games including both high and low stakes roulette.

What is low stakes roulette?

Quite simply, low stakes roulette is a variety which allows you to bet smaller amounts than in the average roulette game. The top bet will also be significantly lower than you’d expect from normal or high stakes games. The main giveaway that you are in a low-stakes game (in addition to the title) will be when looking at the chips. In average games of roulette, you’d expect to see a large variety of different chips running all the way up to 100 credits per chip. In low-stakes games, these chips will often be limited to a top value chip of 2 credits.

Why play Low-Stakes European Roulette?

Playing low stakes games is a great way to stay on budget. Normal European roulette games give players a pretty large spectrum of bets to choose from. This can be dangerous if you do not have the capital to back it up. When you play a game with a lower limit, it can stop you from staking cash you don’t have.

The argument could be made that players wishing to budget could also play for fun. However, this wouldn’t allow you to game for real cash. If you play lower stakes versions of European roulette, you will still be able to net real wins. They will just not be as large as you’d generate from high-stakes games.

If you still want to get your hands on real cash whilst on a budget, low stakes European roulette games are the way forward. Log on to the sites listed above and you’ll have the chance to play these games for yourself. You’ll even be able to utilise PayPal for a safer transaction!