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Here at the site, we have previously written about the complexity attached to learning roulette systems. For most players, the only way to learn multiple systems is to practise them regularly. Naturally, though, you do not want to spend money doing so. For this reason, it helps to know which are the best free apps that will let you play roulette for fun.

Why Play for Free

There are various reasons why it makes sense to play roulette games for fun, but here is a handful of the most important:

Having a competitive edge can make the experience even more exciting.

Android Roulette Apps

Android is the most dominant mobile operating system on the face of the planet, so let’s start by recommending the best free apps for these extremely popular devices.

Roulette – Casino Style (RNF Technologies)

RNF Technologies has developed a free roulette app enjoyed by thousands. Download it today and you will have the option to switch between American and European roulette versions. Among the various other features are free daily chips, dive different tables, un-lockable achievements, and a competitive leaderboard.

The Roulette (Vega Corporation)

The Roulette is also played by thousands and can be downloaded free from Google Play. Install the app and players will get roulette for fun and do not need to spend their own money to practise. The advantage of playing this app is that you can connect your Facebook account and compare your performance to friends.

iOS Roulette Apps

For Apple users, there are other free options that can help sharpen your roulette game. Check out the options below for details on your best prospects.

Roulette Royale (Mywavia Studios)

Developer Mywavia Studios has designed its Roulette Royale app to be compatible on all major Apple mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iTouch. Simply upgrade to the current iOS operating system to attain free access to roulette in either American or European variants. The app is also designed to let you monitor statistics in each session and check your progress.

Roulette Multiplayer (App Street Software)

Roulette Multiplayer is slightly more advanced in that players have the opportunity to compete alongside opponents in digital leagues while improving their strategy. This app a little more demanding, so ensure you are on the latest version of iOS to play by iPad or iPhone.

Each app above will give you a free roulette game for fun. Choose your best option and get some extra practise without risking your own bankroll.